Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brian Moore Custom Shop Releases Marc Cooper Signature Model

The Brian Moore Custom Shop has released a Marc Cooper Artist Signature model
C-90P.13.USB. It is a design that draws from the Brian Moore and iGuitar models that Marc has been performing and recording with for over 10 years. This guitar features an RMC TonePros piezo bridge, built-in RMC 13pin synth access and patented iGuitar.USB system.
It also features a set of Seymour Duncans, Alnico II Neck, Alnico II single and JB Bridge.
Full product info/images here:

“Marc is an incredibly versatile guitarist, vocalist, composer, author and clinician. When I first heard Marc play I thought he doesn’t just play songs, he creates ‘audio paintings’! He blends his musical passion with a deep understanding of music technology, always creating something new and beautiful. We have been fortunate to have him as a Brian Moore and iGuitar endorser since 2002 and we are honored to release this artist inspired custom shop model” said Patrick Cummings, president.

About Marc Cooper
Coop's career has taken him all over the world performing and exciting audiences in such countries as Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Africa, Scandinavia, England, Austria, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Sweden and throughout the US and Canada. As a guitarist, vocalist, synth guitar advocate and fanatic, producer, author, teacher and now record label owner Coop has had the privilege to (continue reading online)

Monday, November 5, 2012

This Taylor has been upgraded in the iGuitar Workshop and now features a new piezo acoustic pickup, 13pin synth access and our built-in patented iGuitar.USB. It includes side mounted controls for piezo, EQ and 13 pin synth. All factory upgrades include and fret level and fabulous factory set up.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

NEW Left handed iGuitar9.13 - Made in USA

The iGuitar Workshop has released a Left handed iGuitar9.13 that is made in the USA. It is a  left handed version of the best selling iGuitar9.13 that the company has been producing for over 10 years.

This guitar is custom built in the iGuitar Workshop in Cold Spring, NY and features Seymour Duncans, Alnico II neck, middle and JB Bridge, a choice of custom color, choice of either RMC or Graphtech piezo / 13 pin synth and optional USB audio.

 Full Specs here: http://iguitarworkshop.com/iGuitar9.13LeftHanded.aspx
"Since we have been selling factory direct, we are in closer contact with our customers. A left handed, USA made iGuitar has been requested for quite some time and we are happy to offer this wonderful model to the left handed guitarist community. We hope you will share with your left handed guitarist friends" said Patrick Cummings, president.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Transform your ordinary guitar!

Transform your ordinary guitar. The iGuitar workshop offers piezo, 13 pin Synth and USB upgrades on all brands of guitars like the Strat below.

• Beautiful Acoustic tone on any guitar
• 13 pin synth access to the new Roland GR-55 and other 13 pin synths.
• Record Direct to your iPad via USB output!

This upgrade features a stacked piezo / 13 pin synth volume in place of the 3rd Strat knob

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Acoustic Midi/Synth Access

The iGuitar Workshop can now add synth access to any Acoustic guitar,  both steel string and nylon string instruments can be upgraded.

Watch the video below and visit our acoustic upgrade page for more details.

* The 13pin system can also be installed without top mounted controls.