Tuesday, October 25, 2011

C-907P.13.USB with 7 string synth capability

This C-907P.13.USB features a an extraordinary quilt top and tobacco sunburst, RMC piezo acoustic output, 13pin synth access. 
It is great synth guitar controller and combines the very best of Art and Technology! 
It is a great midi guitar with 7 string synth capability all 7 strings, 
6 at a time, selectable via a set of mode switches on the back plate. 
Since all guitar synth products only recognize 6 strings at a time, this guitar features two modes to give the 7 string player the ability to have real 7 string Midi and all of the creative possibilities.
In the first mode it sends strings 6E thru 1E to the synth unit.
In the second mode it sends strings 7B thru 2B to the synth unit.

It has full piezo acoustic on all 7 strings in both modes and also feature our built-in iGuitar.USB system for access to the computer and portable devices like the iPad 2.

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