Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This Gibson ES 336 has been upgraded with Graphtech Piezo acoustic saddles,13 pin synth and our built-in patented iGuitar.USB audio interface. It now has a harmonic rich acoustic sound thanks to the built-in Graphtech Acousti-phonic board and super fast tracking 13 pin synth access to the latest synths like the Roland GR-55. These upgrades are all super clean, built-in and require no bulky external synth pickup. The guitar was rewired with a master volume and tone to free up the other knobs for piezo volume and 13pin synth volume. See close up below with all knob descriptions.

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(click to enlarge)

Close up of the controls:

- step up/down for synth patch changes

- mag/both/synth selector: switch between the guitar sound, synth sound or blend both

- mag/both/piezo selector: switch between the guitar sound, piezo sound or blend both


  1. Did you work through the PU holes & F-holes, or add an access panel to the back? Just wondering.

  2. Whoever did this to this beautiful custom shop guitar should be strung up by their balls. What an abortion. Shameful.