Friday, February 5, 2010

Latest Creations - C-90FP.13.USB.FSUS

Yes, that is the model number of this beauty. We will explain.

C-90 means is a USA Custom Shop model
F=Floyd Bridge- featuring the Graphtech Floyd LB63
P=Peizo - featuring the Graphtech acoustiphonic preamp
13= built in 13 pin interface
USB = our patented, built-in iGuitar.USB interface.
FSUS = built-in Fernandes Sustainer system

The picture shows our normal knob and switches for piezo and 13pin plus additional controls for the Fernandes Sustainer. The other picture shows the wiring and added electronics for the Fernandes Sustainer. Its hard to believe we fit it all in there!

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  1. I *really* want this guitar.

  2. Let us know if you want a a custom shop with all of these features, we can can also build them into an iGuitar or other guitar model, thanks

  3. I have a C90P. Can I get just the sustainer pickup and 13-pin (non-Graphtech) option added to it? If so, what would be the price for this?

  4. We can add 13pin for $400 and the Fernandes Sustainer for $495
    Full details here:

  5. Só falta colocar um sistema line 6 variax!